Welcome to anyone who is new at the Institute for Political Science (IfP) in Tübingen! In order for you to get to know the other students, us (the Fachschaft) and Tübingen we have weeks full of events for you. 

What is it? If you have questions regarding your studies or your time in Tübingen, you can come to us and we try to help you, or if you only want to have a nice chat with some of us and a good cup of coffee, your are as well very welcome at our place.
When is it? The week before and the week of the official begin of the semester (08.10-12.10 & 15.10-19.10) we are available from 10am to 4pm. 
Where is it? You can find us in the basement of the Institute for Political Science. After you enter the building, you go down the stairs, through the door and then the second door on the right is our room. Don’t worry, there will be signs to help you out.
Barrier-free? Unfortunately not, but you can write us an Mail, and we will meet up with you at a more accessible place 

What is it? It’s a guided tour through Tübingen so everyone know where the important places, like the Clubhaus, are.
When is it? Tuesday, 16.10 at 4.30pm.
Where is it? We meet up right in front of the IfP under our beautiful linden tree.

What is it? It is a tour through the pubs of Tübingen. 
When is it? Wednesday, 17.10 at 7.30pm.
Where is it? We meet up right in front of the IfP under our beautiful linden tree.
Barrier-free? Tübingen is not really barrier-free, but solutions can be found!

What is it? A nice get together with everyone who wants to play card games or board games. While playing we get to know each other. Also we offer cookies and some drinks. We advice you to bring your own dinner, if you want to stay longer.
When is it? Thursday, 18.10, at 4pm.
Where is it? Room 124 in the IfP.
Barrier-free? There are some stairs. Give us a heads up and we can find a solution. 

What is it? Also a nice get together to get to know your fellow students. Please bring your own food for the BBQ. Drinks will be sold at cost price.
When is it? Tuesday, 23.10, at 6pm.
Where is it? Under our beautiful linden tree in front of the IfP.
Barrier-free? YES!

What is it? Tübingen is a beautiful town, but around it, it’s almost prettier. We like to hike to the “Wurmlinger Kapelle”. On our way back we will rest at a farm for drinks and food. 
When is it?
 Saturday, 27.10, 11am to 2pm
Where is it? Again, we meet under the linden tree in front of the IfP

What is it? A weekend to have fun, to get to know each other and much more. We provide workshops for scholarships, a year abroad and University Politics – Partys and trips inclusive.
When is it? 09.11 to 11.11. You can register beforehand at our Counseling hours. 
Where is it? In Simmersfeld, close to Calw. We organize the journey.
What does it cost? You give us a deposit of 20 Euros, which you will get back afterwards.