Welcome to anyone who is new at the Institute for Political Science (IfP) in Tübingen! In order for you to get to know the other students, us (the Fachschaft) and Tübingen we have weeks full of events for you. 

All our events will take place outside or online, so there may occur quick changes to the planning due to the weather but to the development of the pandemic as well. So please keep up and check the information given here and on facebook regularly!

This year obviously will be different to others. We want to take care of our own as well as everybody elses health and stick therefore to the given Corona-rules. This means in effect: face masks and physical distancing.

Regarding the accessibility for wheelchairs: If you are unsure or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, e.g. via E-Mail: fs-politik@uni-tuebingen.de

What is it? If you have questions regarding your studies or your time in Tübingen, you can come to us and we try to help you. This semestre we will try to offer the Café again in part in presence but also online.
Please note: On account of the Corona-rules there can be no more than 4 persons at the same time in our office and the lounge.
When is it? Office hours will soon be disclosed.
Where is it? You can find us in the basement of the Institute for Political Science. After you enter the building, you go down the stairs, through the door and then the second door on the right is our room. Don’t worry, there will be signs to help you out.
Wheelchair accessible? Unfortunately not, but you can write us an Mail, and we will meet up with you at a more accessible place or online.

Events from October 19 until 31

What is it? Who or what is this damn Fachschaft?? What does students council mean? Where can I find one of those creatures and how do I approach them savely? Do I have to bow before them or offer them cake?
This and more you will learn at our first event! We’ll introduce ourselves and the program we planned for you. Afterwards chatting, if you like.
When is it? Monday, October 19 at 2 p.m.
Where is it? Online, tba.
Any obstacles? Unfortunately we’re not able to translate into sign language. If you are interested in written informations about the Fachschaft do not hesitate to contact us.

What is it? Instead of pub crawl, at first we planned to play Flunky Ball this year. Due to the new growth of Corona-Cases we decided to play Kubb instead, for it makes it easier to hold distance.
We will provide you with beverages.
PLEASE NOTE: We will have you to register to the event beforehand so we can judge the demand. If more than 20 persons register we will offer a second date. First come, firt serve!
When is it? Wednesday, October 21 starting at 5 p.m.
Where is it? At the Alter Botanischer Garten (‘old botanical garden’) near the Wilhelmstraße.
Wheelchair accessible? Yes.

What is it? 50 people in a crowd around the BBQ unable to keep distance – this does not sound like the best idea. Hopefully we can catch up on it some time.
BUT: To assure that y’all can start the semestre with a good and full stomach we are collecting the favorite recipes of all Fachschaft-people and will make them available to you.

What is it? What the heck is feminist about waffles?? Frankly we don’t have a clue. But this will be a great occasion for you to meet our taskforce Gleichstellung (‘equal opportunities’). And of course to enjoy nice and hot waffles.

What is it? Even more feminism! Less romantic than it sounds, you get 1 minute each to answer questions – that we came up with. This way you get to know each other better and at the same time have the opportunity to work out.

What is it? A nice get together with everyone who wants to play card games or board games. While playing we get to know each other – new friendships will come into being, others hopefully will weather.
Due to the new growth of Corona-Cases this event will take place online.
When is it? Thursday, October 29 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.
Where is it? Meet us on Discord here.
Any obstacles? You’ll need more or less a good connection and an account on Discord.

30. Oktober 2020: International Brunch
What is it? Internationals welcome! This year is of course different than other years but nevertheless we thought it helpful to get to know other International Students as well as German students. A mingling online with coffee, breakfast or lunch: brunch.
Getting to know people from all over the world is a great opportunity and good fun. Finding people to practice different languages, sharing experiences of studying abroad or just which TV-Show is the best. There are no rules to Brunch. Everyone is welcome to join!
When is it? Friday, October 30 at 11 a.m
Where is it? Online, right here.

What is it? Tübingen is a beautiful town, but around it, it’s almost prettier. We like to hike to the “Wurmlinger Kapelle”. On our way back we will rest at a farm for drinks and food.

At last we are planning to conduct meetings where we set a special focus on explanations and on answering questions regarding the university politics. This will be a good opportunity to become familiar with our work.
The fixed date and more detailed information will be announced soon.