Do you have questions about studying, the institute or university politics? You study in the library, but do you really feel like having a nice coffee? You are sitting on the institute meadow and for a perfect afternoon you only need an exciting book?
Then come to the Fachschaftscafé!
There is freshly brewed coffee, good books and nice people who like to help you in your concerns or even just chat with you.

The Fachschaftscafé takes place in the student council room, in the basement of the IfP, opposite the students lounge.

Opening hours

Montag: unregelmäßig geöffnet

Dienstag: 14-18 Uhr (14-16 Uhr offener AK Politisch_Feministisch)

Mittwoch: 10-12 Uhr

Donnerstag: 10-14 Uhr, 16-18 Uhr

Freitag: unregelmäßig geöffnet