In the framework of political education, we ask – together with other student councils, groups and individuals – who the alt right really is, what are their views, goals and attitudes and where do they come from? We want to do this through various expert lectures and other events taking a closer look at the ideas of the alt right, dissecting on their (pseudo-) argumentations and showing how the alt right almost unnoticed enforces or permeates non-right topics and pop culture with their ideas. We also look specifically at the activities of one arm of the alt right, the Identitarian Movement (IB), here in Tübingen.

The lectures are mostly hold in German, but together we could change that. The full program can be found here: AK Neue Rechte

Lectures about the alt right

We are having some great lectures about the alt right in winter semester 2018. Most of these lectures will be hold in german, but if you’re interested into this topic, we could organize some lectures in other languages. The full program can be found here: AK Neue Rechte