Dear first semester students,

We are proud to present to you this year’s program for the welcome week(s). Not all of the information is 100% final, but everything should be fixed by the start of the semester at the latest.

First of all, a few tips: There is a WhatsApp group for all first-year students, you can find more details and access to it here. If you already have questions about anything, the most reliable way to reach us is by email ( or by DM on Instagram (@fachschaft.politik.tuebingen). The first-year events are aimed at all first-year students, regardless of which course of study you are starting. Also: Stay tuned for the weekend from November 24th to 26th. free, the first-year students hut will take place there, more detailed information will follow.

We already have two events planned before the official start of lectures on October 16th.:

Online-Ersti Q&A:
When? Wednesday 11.10. 18 c.t.*
Where? Online via zoom:

Meeting-ID: 910 6710 6913 Kenncode: 524831

What? A first, shorter online event in which the student council says a few words and gives some general information (and presents the welcome week program again). Then there is the opportunity to ask questions

*To get a bit of Univibes going, here are the explanations for the times: “c.t.” means “cum temporare”, i.e. “with time”. If you see this at an event, it means that it means a quarter of an hour later, i.e. 18 c.t. means 6:15 p.m. Do you see a s.t. This means the full hour, i.e. 18 s.t. is simply 6 p.m.

Get Together:
When? Saturday the 14.10. at 7pm Friday, 13.10. at 5 pm
Where? We will meet in the old botanical garden, you’ll recognise us by our Beer-Pong Table and we will also post our location in the WhatsApp Group
What? A first opportunity to get to know each other and have a nice first evening (Viking chess, beer pong, flunky ball)

From Monday, October 16th. The lecture period also begins in this week.

When? Monday, 16.10., 2 pm
Where? Lecture Room S320, Hölderlinstraße 12
What? A fun, crazy way to get to know each other. More details follow

International Lunch
When? Tuesday, 17.10., 10-12 am 12am-2pm
Where? At the Institute for political science, in room 124
What? Lunch aimed specifically at international students. We will have a small buffet of (vegan) “Brezeln” with margarine and other spreads, as well as coffee and tea. You are welcome to bring something to add to the buffet.

Pub Crawl
When? Tuesday 17.10. Meeting Point 7.30pm
Where? Meeting point in front of the central university library, then towards the bars in the old town
What? The legendary pub crawl of the Politics Department is not to be missed. Registration required, more details will be announced.

    Waffles, Bowle und IfP-Tour
    When? Wednesday, 18.10., 6pm
    Where? In front of the IfP, under the linden tree
    What? We eat waffles (they will definitely be available vegan!), drink punch and take a tour of the institute.

    After the waffles, there will be the first meeting of the student council, where we will talk about what we do and what university policy is and hopefully get a lot of you excited about the student council’s work. Take a look here, it explains a lot of what we do.

    City tour
    When? Thursday, October 19th, at 11 o’clock, around 1,5/2 hours
    Where? Meeting Point at the Institut for Political Science
    What? A fun, interactive, exciting city tour through Tübingen, where we show you our favorite places in Tübingen and everything else you need to know and know.

    Beer pong tournament
    When? Thursday, October 19th at evening
    What? We’re playing a beer pong tournament (Wuhuu!) Registration necessary (below). It is possible to register either alone or together with a friend (to make sure that you end up in the same team).

      First-time rally at IfP:
      When? Friday, October 20th following the introductory lecture
      Where? Around and in the IfP
      What? A fun rally through the IfP, where you can get to know buildings, chairs, etc. Snacks and drinks are provided by the institute. Afterwards a cozy get-together.

      Hike to the Wurmlinger Chapel
      Saturday 21.10. 11am
      Where? Meeting point at the main entrance of the university library, at the Wilhelmstraße 32
      What? We hike to the Wurmlinger Chapel, one of the most beautiful places around Tübingen (about 7 kilometers).

      There will also be first-time cafes in the first week of the semester where you can enjoy good coffee and we will try to help you start your studies. However, the dates have not yet been set. You will then find us in the IfP in the basement, room U2.

      We will probably also be present at the institute’s orientation events and hand out initial bags afterwards. So you basically can’t miss us ;).

      All more detailed information about the events will be published/updated in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, neither the old town of Tübingen nor the Institute of Political Science boast accessibility. If this concerns you, please contact us and we may still be able to find a solution.

      If you have any questions, the most reliable way to reach us is on Instagram (@fachschaft.politik.tuebingen) or per Mail (

      Best regards,

      Your Fachschaft Politik

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